Arla O’Neal–Already Saving for Next Year’s Festival

Having the chance to experience The Sundance Film Festival is an experience I will never forget. Being around the atmosphere of directors, actors, filmmakers, producers, and other film admirers helped me decide that I chose the correct major at WKU. Seeing their creations on the big screen and attending panels was a huge eye-opener to what I need to do to become successful in the filmmaking industry. Park City is a beautiful city directly outside of Salt Lake City, and it could not be a better location for this festival. I did not want to come back.

I highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend a festival like this, at least once in your life. I got to meet great people and friends I did not know before, and now we have a simple connection like no one else does. I would like to thank Dr. Hall and Dr. Hovet for opening this opportunity at WKU and allowing students to experience this festival and receive college credit while doing so. I am already saving for next year’s festival.



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