Alex Slocum-Sundance Cures Senioritis

I was sitting in film class talking to two of my friends, when it happened… I heard the words “Sundance trip.” A sign up sheet began to circulate around Dr. Hovet’s class and I knew that as of January 2014 I would be in Park City, UT. Fast forward many months of working two jobs and saving “all” of my money, I finally arrived in the tiny city surrounded by beautiful mountains. This experience has been one of the best in my life, and that includes traveling the globe. Seeing like 3 movies a day, going to a couple of panels, and meeting some of the actors who’s work you truly respect has been a great way for me to get motivated; that gets harder as you get closer and closer to graduation. I can’t wait to come back to Sundance as a volunteer, as a film viewer, and as an artist with a film. Alex Slocum with Owen Wilson

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